Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fave 5

I've been inspired by other fun blogs, so I'm joining the Friday Fave 5 today. You can see more at Susanne's blog: Living to Tell the Story.

I've had a fun week, culminating in a snowy morning to wake up to. My son was up early checking the school closings...drat! not even a delay in Wayne County.

1) But it definitely caused my first Fave:This is my neighbor's side yard. I don't have quite as clear a view of the hills behind us as this shows. Our "holler" is sort of narrow at the spot where our house sits.

2) I love my warm fireplace. All our open living spaces are heated by this old "Black Bart" cast-iron stove. The wall was designed and built by my mother-in-law and her husband 30 years ago when they added the family room and new kitchen. The beautiful mantel was a custom project by him as well.

3) My sunroom, still a work in progress, looks out on the backyard. I'm attempting a to cultivate a green indoor thumb. As much success as I have growing a garden out'd think I could grow stuff in the house. We'll know how well I'm doing by the amount of Boston fern leaves littering the floor and my antique chairs. Hopefully the next time I display a picture of the room, the ferns will be lush, the walls will be stained a pickled oak, and the furniture will be painted a creamy white for a Nantucket beach cottage feel.

BTW, on the table is a pineapple plant (the immature pineapple has already turned yellow-pretending to be ripe so I'll harvest it and it won't have to suffer from the drought I put it through anymore). ;-/ Also the dish in the front contains the Dynamo's prickly garden (a Noggin idea), with succulents and cacti. (They don't mind my neglect so much.)

4) The new rug we bought ourselves for our "Stay-cation Beach Get-away" room. We've gone a bit wild and fun in here with our colors and this rug was exactly the right look. And the deal was hard to pass up at a store going out of business sale (sad about that ;-( ...but thrilled with the price!). What a great way to say Happy Anniversary with something that makes us both smile when we see it. No, we didn't hang it on the wall...I had to stand on the step from the main part of the house to get the whole thing in the picture. And yes, we still need furniture...... I'm eager to get the next item, a cozy sofa, next payday.

5) Ooooooo, just the height of luxury and spoiling!! My dear husband bought me not one, but two tubes of Bath and Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel body cream. It smells like a buttery, vanilla cake (maybe that's why I've been craving Kentucky Butter Cake!). The Dynamo can't resist hugging and snuggling when I use this cream.


Nik said...

What lovely five faves, Patricia! Your fireplace sounds like the ultimate in cozy.

Susanne said...

Hello and thanks for joining in. I loved reading your faves from the week. All of them so comforting. I love snow so this morning would have thrilled me and fireplaces and snow so go hand in hand, don't they? Your sunroom looks like a nice retreat. And we really like that Noel vanilla bean stuff too. We've got the foaming hand wash.

proudgrits11 said...

This is my first time with this meme--I love it!
Your list is so cozy and wintery! Aaaah. I feel cooler now!
Here's my first one!

Robin said...

Your sunroom looks beautiful!!

I love that scent from Bath & Body Works too :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved the list. I'm struck by the sensory descriptions in your list. Really cool. AND your comment about the brooch on my site did something weird to me sentimentally, and if I were close to you in proximity I'd run out and buy the brooch because I think you're meant to own it. Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Enjoyed reading your faves thanks for sharing. The fire place look very cozy. Have a great weekend.

ellen b. said...

Fun fives. Boy your neck of the woods looks so different from mine. Beautiful! Enjoy your weekend..

Denise said...

I love your favorites.

Brenda said...

I like the rug and I gotta get myself some of that Noel body lotion, lots of people are talking about it!

Found you at Susannes