Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday Additions

<---Been there today!

>I'm thankful we live only 1/4 mile from the high school.
>I'm thankful I only bought 6 bags worth of groceries.
>I'm thankful I had left the reusable, environmentally friendly shopping bags in the van.
>I'm thankful all 6 full bags fit inside the 3 above-named bags.
>I'm thankful my grandson just thought it was a grand outing.
>I'm thankful the neighbors don't mind us cutting through their front yards so we could get away from the highway shoulder.
>I'm thankful I remembered to grab my keys from the van.
>I'm thankful for a glass of sweet iced tea to cool down with.
>Mostly, I'm thankful the above-described outing burned enough calories that I could eat, without guilt, that giant piece of vanilla pound cake (covered thickly in chocolate glaze) to help me recover from the long hike home.

1 comment:

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Oh DEAR! I learned from my mom years ago to look at these incidents as God's Hand in our lives to slow us down for any number of reasons.

When it involves driving, I usually assume the "grand outing" was His Way of keeping me clear of a bigger (perhaps more serious) "grand outing." :-)

Glad little guy enjoyed it!

Stay safe!