Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fair & Balanced? Not a chance!

I've been a fan of FoxNews because of its political reporting. But evidently the corporate policy for fairness only extends so far as it stays out of their corporate wallets. This video is the story of two reporters fired because they refused to lie or distort their report of Monsanto's bovine growth hormone. A must watch for any parent concerned with what our children are consuming!


Esthermay said...

...thanks for bringing this to our attention. Scary and sad. . .

Please don’t take my comment as argumentative. I am disappointed in Fox 13. But. . . .

(and I am by no means an expert on this) .. . . this is not really new news. I gave up dairy, nutrisweet, etc.. years ago because of this FACT.
A reporter at WISH TV in Indianapolis, IN was scrutinized back in the late 80’s for a very similar scenario. (pre-YouTube)

The truth is the dairy lobby and other lobbyist in Washington make truth IMPOSSIBLE to share with the public. Not just on this, but other vital consumer goods – prescriptions drugs, meat, cosmetics, etc. Why are there so many class action lawsuits – so many commercials for tort lawyer firms? Manufacturers don’t want the truth of their products known. On the surface, it appears that the news organization wants to suppress the truth. I think it goes far deeper.

Can you imagine the jobs “lost” if companies manufacturing dangerous consumer products were suddenly shut down. Omigosh. The liberals would have a heyday in the present economy! Local news stations do not have a chance when going up against this "machine." I don’t think Fox 13 had a choice if it wanted to stay in the air.

I don’t blame Fox as much as I do lobbyists. I still trust the National FoxNews Channel. Fox 13 is a small local affiliate that could never afford the financial burden of fighting off big companies, lobbyists and/or Washington bureaucrats. I would like to know how the National Network would handle it. I do think they are smart enough to not touch it. That’s almost MORE disappointing.

This makes me very sad – but it’s simply a sign of the times. Thank goodness for YouTube and bloggers who share TRUTH!

AND…. All the more reason to raise chickens and goats and become completely self reliant! AMEN.

Denise said...

This is really sad.