Friday, January 16, 2009

Sneak Peak @ Thyme for the Garden

SmileysHere's a treat for those craving a bit of spring, especially those of us enduring the "Arctic Blast." (It is currently 15 degrees at my house right now, up from 0 degrees when I got up a 7 am. Brrrrrrrrrrr!)

I have posted a few resources on the new Thyme for the Garden site. This site contains resources in support of the upcoming Thyme for the Garden column on Take Root and Write and the Thyme for the Garden group on Christian Women Take Root.

Today's featured post is a discussion of an Herbal Tea Garden (ok, it's also a bit of a rant on the goodness of organic herbs!). There are links to a few Herbal Tea recipes.

You can also find a USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map. If this is not enough, go visit our local TV gardening guy, John Marra (recently retired from the West Virginia University Extension Service--so very knowledgeable about all things home and garden!). He has an article on growing tomatoes here:


Denise said...

Have a blessed weekend.

Esthermay said...

OK... totally lost this girl on a gardening post in the middle of January in Minnesota.
Outside thermometer says -18. Computer homepage says it's -21. Who cares. Cold is cold is cold and herb garden is MONTHS away and currently under about 5 feet of snow!
BUT. . . I did come a' calling this evening just to let you know I made Kentucky Butter Cake!!!!!
OH! To Die For!
"Oh taste and see," you say?
Comfort Food. Oh. YES!
I'm drunk.
(on rich cake, i.e.)