Thursday, June 28, 2007

That Coffee House Experience...

I’ve spent several years trying to convince my dear husband that spending five dollars on a single cup of coffee is worth the money and it’s not just about the coffee.

It’s about the aroma when I walk through the door of the coffee house. I always pause for a moment, close my eyes, take a deep breath and inhale the fragrance of freshly ground beans, just brewed coffee, and hot steamed milk.

I open my eyes and listen to the murmur of conversations all around me and then try to determine what music is playing softly in the background. This morning it’s Frank Sinatra singing about how he did it his way.

Now comes the hard part – choosing my coffee. The choices are nearly overwhelming, fresh brewed Guatemala blend with a hint of chocolate aftertaste, or maybe a frozen blend of espresso, bananas, and coconut syrup – with an extra shot of espresso.

Today I choose the Guatemala blend, hot and steaming with space for plenty of half and half. As I watch the milk swirling in the cup I spot my favorite table. It’s empty and the sun is shining on the chair in which I like to read and do a little writing.

The next part is the best part. I sit with the sun directly on my face, take a drink of my hot coffee and savor the little taste of chocolate after I swallow. I open my Bible study materials and begin to completely relax – the sun warming my face, the coffee warming my mouth, and the word of God warming my soul.

Five dollars doesn’t seem like too much for all that, now does it?

**Note: I originally wrote this piece for a Christian Writer's Guild Apprentice assignment. It's a coffee house kind of day so I needed to read and share it again!

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