Wednesday, September 16, 2009

IOW & WFW: Why Do You Despair?

Affliction will either warm you up toward spiritual things or turn you cold.

~Joni Eareckson Tada,
A Lifetime of Wisdom: Embracing the Way God Heals You~
My brain absorbs this. It understands the wisdom and nods in agreement.

My fingers zip to the keyboard, ready to translate what my brain understands into words of encouragement. They hover ready over the keys...

But my heart is choked with pain and worry. It refuses to give over to the wisdom of my brain and the work of my fingers. It has caused a seemingly permanent lump to lodged in my throat.

The lump, in turn, chokes off kind tones - instead letting the fear and pain shoot out in unloving bursts on those deserving better.

My God knows my dilemma. He sends Words... as a song on the radio... as a verse on a Facebook post... as a video link in my email.

He cups my heart in His Hands, loosening the grip of misery tightly bound around it. He caresses and soothes, gently urging TRUST and FAITH in Himself - He Who also holds the hearts of the ones for whom I fear and fret.

Peace pushes through the pain... the tears still just a thought away... but His arm is gripping my shoulders to pull me in close when they spill over.

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Denise said...

Very, very beautiful.

Susan said...

Hey Patrica,

What a powerful and scripture...

I'm so sorry to read you are having a hard time.

I said a prayer for you♥

Anonymous said...

Fabulous verse for me this week too. Thank you for sharing this.

Happy WFW!