Tuesday, December 23, 2008

IOW: Our Own Favorites

The IOW hostesses are taking a break for the holidays. Loni suggested that we all write about our favorite quotes for this week and next. To read more and to link up your post go to Writing Canvas and sign Mr. Linky. While you're at Loni's place, read the latest about her daughter Jessica, the Christmas Miracle. Pray for them as Jessica recovers from open heart surgery.

"I am determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and Him alone." ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

I love to use My Utmost for His Highest as part of my daily devotions. Our pastor recommended it several years ago and I went out right away and purchased an inexpensive copy at the "Big W" store.

Even though I've been through the book several times (and even treated myself to a lovely purple leather copy last year), I always find that the January 1 devotion is the most moving and heart-provoking of the whole year. And the statement that grabs me most every time, out of the more than 7000 sentences in the book, is the one quoted above.

I long for a heart completely captured by God, willingly surrendered to His will, joyfully following His plan for me. To me that is the greatest gift I could bring the Christ Child. Like the wisemen, I spend a lot of time seeking...searching the old documents...trying to find this King.

Unfortunately my sincerity is often marred my daily events, selfish thoughts, disorganized living. Even the good in my life, the service to my family and to my church get in the way of totally surrendering myself to Him.

So every Christmas I marvel at the wondrous Gift, resolve to spend the new year living devoted to Him, and by the time holiday breaks are over and life settles back into a normal routine...so my heart settles back into its normal routine: Reading the Word-sometimes in awe, sometimes in obligation; serving the Lord-sometimes in awe, sometimes in obligation.

I found the illustration of the Christmas Star above and it struck me with the thought of how profoundly it points not only to the manger, but also to the cross. Looking at the radiating points,

I see up into the heavens to God the Father and all creation.

I see the path to the manger and the kneeling shepherds worshipping the new born King.

I see the years of ministry our Lord had during His earthly life.

I see the path He took to the Cross of our Salvation.

I see the stone rolled back and evidence of His ressurection that means we who believe also will have Life ressurected.

I see Love that points to everyone everywhere.

I see that, no matter how I fail to keep that January 1st resolution, He gives me the opportunity everyday to " be absolutely and entirely for Him and Him alone."

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