Friday, June 6, 2008

Adding Insult to Injury

Birthdays are a special time ~ but there comes a point in every woman's life when the birthday just doesn't feel quite so welcome. This month I turned 45 (!!!!) and thought I was doing alright...but I know I was just fooling myself. I treated myself to a haircut and highlights, then my dh took me to dinner at Frankie D's Italian Chop House and to see the new Indiana Jones movie that happened to premiere in our town on the day of my birthday. My cake was a box of Milk Duds. My present was a beautiful border garden.

The haircut took a little getting used to as it is as short as I've ever had it. The food was great. The movie...well, it stars Harrison Ford. Enough said. I didn't even open the Milk Duds until the next day and nibbled on them for three days. We started to work on the garden on the Friday after my birthday. It is becoming quite a conversation item with passersby. Next year it will be spectacular (after the perennials have time to mature a bit).

The real bummer in all this was what I discovered while trying to find a better way than iron pills to overcome slight anemia and also avoid taking a prescription medicine for high cholesterol (I already take a daily thyroid pill ;-< ). I got out my copy of Phyllis A. Balch's Prescription for Nutritional Healing and looked up every concern my doctor had. Everything is manageable as long as I am diligent in following some specific guidelines.

Of course the typical high fiber, low fat and sugar diet. Plenty of steam distilled water and fresh juices. Lean meats and lots of salad and fresh veggies and fruits. order to really overcome some of my iron absorption problems, PMS symptoms, cholesterol, and weight control issues...I have to give up caffeine in all forms. That includes coffee and chocolate. I seriously crave coffee every day. My mornings will not be the same drinking decaf Earl Grey tea. And a girl just has to indulge in one Dove dark chocolate a day!!

Ok, enough whining for one day. I'm just going to make myself a comfort smoothie and get over it! Maybe blueberries and bananas with some low-fat vanilla yogurt-organic, of course...

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