Friday, April 4, 2008

Please Pray for the families of Joshua, Shawn, & Shelley

Last night two teenage boys were killed in a car accident. They were Joshua (18) and Shawn (16) Harless. How devastating this must be for their family and friends. My son had English class with Shawn last year. This makes you realize just how precious every moment is. My son sent me a text message that said, "It's funny how short life can be." Death is a hard reality for the young to grasp. It is the second time since middle school that a child my son has known has died in an accident.

The accident happened near where, 29 years ago to the month, my husband's 16 year old cousin Tim Russell was in an accident that resulted in his death. It is a sharp pain that has stayed with the family all these years.

My heart is crushed for the family of Joshua and Shawn. And my younger daughter told us last night that a friend of hers, who she graduated HS with, has been moved into a hospice house because of non-malignant, but terminal brain tumors she has had all her life. Her name is Shelley Brooks (22). Please remember Shelley and her family.

Thank you for faithful prayers.


Linda said...

Oh my goodness. As a mother, I cannot fathom the pain. That doesn't sound like a very faith-filled statement, I know, but it's just too much. I will pray for them.

Linda said...
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zetor said...

How terrible. Prayers for them